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2018-12-28 11:27:47
Anka Cooking Foodies

Welcome to my cooking inspirations and ingredients. Today my creation of Italian way of salad enjoyment.
It’s simply and easy.

Subject: Fresh Italian way salad

1.Any kind of salad in the bag from supermarket or from your own garden.
2.Cherry tomatoes or normal one.
3.Feeta cheese.
4.Olive oil.
5.Balsamic vinegar or balsamic sauce.
6. Salt, pepper, chilli flakes…

The way:
In the bowl/platter – place your salad leaves.
Chop some tomatoes and place on the top of your salad leaves.
Carve some feta cheese in to the small cubes and place on the tomatoes.
Use some spices now: salt, pepper, chilli, chive or garlic.
Sprinkle some olive oil on the top and balsamic vinegar after olive oil.

Salad is ready!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

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