Lorelai's Healing Shack

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2016-02-26 23:23:02
Lorelai's Healing Shack - Natural beauty handcrafted products.

Unique range of essential oils, Lorelai's oil blends, nourishing face moisturisers, combination of skin toners, organic facial and body scrubs, beauty essentials and gift sets.

In range of Lorelai's Healing Shack you can find:

Whipped body Butters: for dry skin, sensitive skin, anty-cellulite

Nourishing face moisturisers

Organic face scrub & masks

Skin toners: for normal, combination, dry, sensitive, oily or acne skin

Deodorant - antiperspirant cream

Natural peppermint toothpaste

Bath salts: pain relief, relaxing or invigorating

Room sprays: sound sleeper, antibacterial or meditation mist

Natural essential oils perfume

Lip balms: moisturizing or lip plumbing

Hair serum, nail serum, youth serum

Eyelash growing balm

Hangover helper/liver detox

Liquid Viagra for men and women

Allergy relief

Flu relief

Liquid Xanax.

For more info, please visit: www.lorelaiidali.com