Find here original crafted projects and unique hand made pieces.

Foodie Goodies

Find here unique crafted products, ingredients, food handcrafted creations, traditional for you and your Country.


Find here unique collection of art, oil paintings, graphics, photographs, sculpture,lithographs and other handcrafted images.

Celtic & Vintage

Celtic Goodies promoting a wide range of crafted Celtic produce and Vintage items.

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Dolls Clothes Crafts by Edith Corcoran

Handmade Dolls Clothes crafts made by Edith Corcoran

Lorelai's Healing Shack

Lorelai's Healing Shack - Natural beauty handmade products.

Art and Crafts by Katarzyna Borkowska - Warsaw - Poland

Art by Katarzyna Borkowska - Warsaw - Poland


Glycerin Soap

Lavanda Handmade Soaps

Crafted melt & pour soaps

Handcrafted Envelope Bag

Crafted Envelope Bags for cards, gift vouchers and tickets.

Handcrafted cards

Handcrafted cards for all occassions
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